German Tax Return

With our expertise, we support clients in fulfilling their tax obligations in Germany.

Income Tax Return

Individuals subject to income tax in Germany are generally required to file an annual income tax return. However, this does not apply insofar as only capital gains or wages were earned that were subject to capital gains or wage tax. In the case of wage income, the obligation to file a tax return only exists in special cases. This is the case, for example, if other income of more than EUR 410 was additionally earned or wages were received from several employers.
In many cases, the voluntary tax return is worthwhile, as a tax refund can be expected.

Corporate Income Tax Return

Corporate taxpayers in Germany are generally required to file an annual corporate income tax return. The corporate income tax return must show, among other things, the balance sheet result, corrections due to tax regulations and changes in equity.

Trade Tax Return

Corporate taxpayers and income taxpayers with income from business operations in Germany are generally required to submit an annual trade tax return. The trade tax return is based on the tax balance sheet result. The trade tax assessment amount is determined taking into account additions and deductions.

Value Added Tax Return

The Valuue added tax is usually an annual tax. Therefore, a VAT return is prepared for the calendar year. In addition, advance VAT returns may need to be prepared on a quarterly or monthly basis. If the tax for the previous calendar year amounted to more than EUR 7500, then a monthly VAT advance return and advance payment must be made.

Property Tax Return

Based on the reformed property tax and valuation law, new assessment bases for property tax purposes are to be determined for all of the approximately 36 million economic units of real property as of the calendar year 2025.

Inheritance and Gift Tax Return

Any acquisition subject to inheritance tax shall be reported in writing by the acquirer to the tax office responsible for the administration of inheritance tax within a period of three months from the date on which the acquirer became aware of the incurrence or occurrence of the obligation. The tax office may require anyone involved in an inheritance, a gift or a special-purpose donation to submit a declaration within a period to be determined by the tax office, irrespective of whether the person is liable for tax. The period must be at least one month. The tax office may require that a tax return be submitted on a form according to an officially determined model, in which the tax debtor must calculate the tax himself. The tax debtor shall pay the self-calculated tax within one month of submitting the tax return.